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A Sustainable Working Capital Solution Certified by SAP
Integrated with supply chain ERP and embedded advanced Web3 solutions, we empower every business to unlock significant asset value from day 1.
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SUPLEX, a SAP-certified SaaS platform for sustainable working capital management, operates on a Buyer-Centric Early Payment model. Collaborating with diverse capital providers, it seamlessly addresses businesses' supply chain asset liquidity issues, ensuring continuous, healthy working capital flow and promoting resilience and sustainability across the supply chain.
The Buyer-Centric Early Payment Model
If you are a high-credit buyer, when your suppliers seek early payment for their invoices before the agreed terms, they can request it in exchange for a discount. You can utilize your surplus cash or leverage third-party capital to facilitate this. This model not only aims to enhance supplier cash flow and earn discounts but also assists you in building a resilient supply chain.
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SaaS model facilitating easy adoption for businesses
SUPLEX offers a lightweight SaaS model for businesses to expedite service implementation.
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Integrating with SAP ERP for seamless information exchange
SUPLEX integrates seamlessly with the SAP ERP system, allowing businesses to synchronize information effortlessly and ensure its data accuracy.
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Extensively supporting Web3 solutions, further enhancing efficiency
Not only does SUPLEX support Web3 payment solutions to assist businesses in achieving immediate transactions, but SUPLEX also collaborates with CeFi and DeFi to meet the working capital needs of various types of businesses.
Value to Supply Chain Buyer
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Pay Early, Pay Less
Use your extra cash or get support from a capital provider to get accounting advantages for your company. With SUPLEX, you can boost your gross margin by making early payments, cutting down on the cost of goods sold, and making your P&L better.
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Optimize Your Payment Terms
Shift from negotiating to collaborating with suppliers using SUPLEX. Easily obtain Early Payment discounts and extend payments with capital provider support (offering advance payments or acquiring discounted ARs), all without affecting suppliers' working capital.
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Sustainable Supply Chain
With SUPLEX, your suppliers can quickly access early payments, boosting cash flow and operational stability. This not only strengthens supplier loyalty and supply chain resilience but also brings financial gains for both parties, creating a win-win scenario.
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We always want a direct relationship with our suppliers and to deliver a supply chain solution for them which is beneficial for the entire electric vehicles ecosystem. And, blockchain technology is one of the answer.
Jack Cheng
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BSOS's supply chain working capital management platform seamlessly integrates with SAP's cloud ERP, providing companies an easy way to connect their supply chain and invoice information with SAP cloud ERP and submit financing requests.
Virginia Wu
Presales Head of SAP
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Our biggest challenge has been the lack of sufficient information and verified data to understand the needs and risks of these suppliers. This collaboration allows us to better serve small and medium-sized suppliers and help them.
Rio Li
Leader of CTBC Blockchain Lab
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When I first heard about BSOS SUPLEX, I did think it was too good to be true. But until we joined this ecosystem, this all made sense. We saved lots of time and money. It's such an amazing platform!
James Park
Co-founder & COO of BioBx
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BSOS SUPLEX has become part of our daily operations! When we have an urgent working capital need, according to SUPLEX's fast and flexible working capital solution, we can have a healthy financial status and focus on business development at any time.
Andy Chen
CEO of ChargeSmith
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